Microsoft (Bing-Rewards) Rewards Bot

Automate Microsoft Rewards With One Click

Download Rewards in airtable

Microsoft Rewards (Bing Rewards) Bot is a free and open-source bot that performs automated tasks on the Bing search engine. You can use Rewards Bot to earn Microsoft Rewards points every day.

Microsoft Will Pay You For Using Bing

The Bing Rewards program — now called Microsoft Rewards — is a loyalty program offered by Microsoft. Microsoft Rewards allows members to earn points for using the Bing Search Engine and engaging with Microsoft content in the form of polls, daily, and weekly quizzes. Reward points can then be used for making purchases on the Microsoft store or for redeeming gift cards.

Here’s my detailed breakdown of Microsoft Rewards if you’d like to learn more about the program specifically. Microsoft Rewards
Understanding Microsoft’s Loyalty

Unlock Long Streak Bonuses

Microsoft Bing Rewards Bot or simply Rewards Bot is a Python script that uses Selenium to perform web automation. Bing Rewards Bot is fully automated, stores user credentials offline and is activated by a single button click.

Microsoft Rewards Bot – features:

  • Codeless Web automation | Single-click bot
  • Completes PC search, Edge search, mobile search via user agents
  • Retrieves top daily searches via Google Trends’ API
  • Completes polls, all types of quizzes (multiple-choice, click and drag and reorder), and explore dailies
  • Headless mode (Confirmed working on DigitalOcean Linux droplet)
  • Randomized search speeds
  • Tested and confirmed working for the U.S. and Canada(more to come!)

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