Rewards and Hideout TV

Make Money By Watching Videos & Ads

Hideout TV is a video platform that is owned & operated by Adscend Media and was started in 2009 out of Austin, Texas. You can make money on Hideout TV by watching videos and ads on their app which is available on the Fire TV Stick, web browsers, and mobile phones.

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Supported Regions

Currently, Hideout TV is available in the following countries:

If you live in any of the regions mentioned above, you’re able to start earning Hideout TV points today. New users can sign up for Hideout TV today by going to the Hideout TV website.

Adscend Media’s ultimate goal is to gradually introduce the Hideout TV program across the globe.

Every ad you watch on the video platform earns you Hideout Points.
These points can then be redeemed on a total of 67 GPT websites.
Hideout TV point redemptions rates vary across different GPT sites.

The redemption portal can be accessed here.

Hideout TV ➡️ GamerMine

Withdrawing Hideout TV points through GamerMine helps increase your Gamermine account level without having to complete offers or surveys. This is great if you’re using GamerMine Bot to automate earning Bitcoin or Ethereum with Steam, since you need to earn 1,000 gold to start claiming the Steam reward.GamerMiner Bot- Automate Earning Bitcoin or Ethereum with Steam
Get Paid To Play On

You normally gain XP by completing offers and referring friends.The daily reward only gets higher as your level increases!

Automate Hideout TV

Passivebot is currently working on the following Hideout TV projects:

  1. Auto-refresh bot
  2. Hideout TV promo bot
  3. Hideout TV auto-redemption bot

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