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Never Miss Another Lucky Pot Draw With Honeygain Bot

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Honeygain is an application that provides anyone with Wi-Fi an opportunity to earn money. Honeygain offers $0.10 per GB of data that you provide to their service. While this is fairly similar to its competitors, Honeygain has begun offering guaranteed bonuses. 

Users that opt into providing their data for content delivery services will receive an earning bonus. 

Additionally, you can also win credits every day.

Honeygain’s official Reddit posted an announcement on r/Honeygain mentioning an update called the Lucky Pot.

🚀 Get ready! Honeygain’s Lucky Jar rolls out in 3! 2! 1! 🍯

🎉 From now on you can Win Credits Every Day! How?

👉 Go to the dashboard & log in to your account

👉 Press ‘Try Your Luck!’ on the popped up banner

👉 Open the Lucky Poy

👉 Add credits to your account

👉 Come back the next day for more!

Daily Check-in Incentive

Honeygain’s users can play the Lucky Pot game every day, via which you are able to receive a random amount of additional Honeygain credits. Each day you take your chance, you can win up to 10,000 Honeygain credits.

Honeygain Bot

If a Honeygain user is not able to participate in the Lucky Pot game during a single calendar day, the number of Lucky Pot draws aren’t transferred to the following day. Honeygain Bot has simplified the process of having to manually log in and open the Lucky Pot to just a single click.

Honeygain Bot is a free and open-source Selenium bot that automates collecting the Lucky Pot. You can use Honeygain Bot to earn extra credits every day.

All my work is open-source, free, and uploaded on GitHub.

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