Gamermine Bot: Set-up ✔️

Let me give you brief overview of Gamermine bot.exe:
When clicking on Gamermine bot for the first time, you’ll be prompted to input your Gamermine email and password, these credentials will be saved on a file named config.txt from which the bot will retrieve this information whenever it’s ran.

Tip: If you run Gamermine bot.exe in downloads, config.txt will also be created in downloads. You may want to consider putting Gamermine bot into a separate folder by itself before starting it.

The bot performs the following procedures.

  1. Open a Chrome instance
  2. Navigate to Gamermine
  3. Login with credentials saved on config.txt
  4. Display account variables on terminal
  5. Attempt to collect daily bonus and Steam reward
  6. Close Chrome and display results on terminal

After you type in the credentials the first time, it’s a one-click operation whenever you want to run it. I wanted to make something that works like a plug-and-play.
Ideally, you’d want to add gamermine-bot.exe to Windows Task Scheduler so that you’re able to collect both rewards everyday without having to do anything at all.

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