Gamermine: Bot 🤖

Is Gamermine bot legit? 💯

Gamerminer is a bot I programmed to help simplify the mundane task of having to log in every day to collect your daily bonus and Steam reward.

The code for Gamermine bot is open source and will be uploaded onto GitHub. For a more detailed breakdown of the bot, please refer to the Bot Breakdown.

The bot is coded in Python and if you have a GitHub account, you’ll be able to clone the repository and run it straight from the command prompt, that is, if you have Python installed on your computer.

If you do not have Python installed, I’ve turned the Python file into an executable. I used Pyinstaller to do this. Pyinstaller is a Python library that turns .py files into a single executable in order to be run on computers that don’t have Python. 

Since I do not have a certificate signed by a Certificate Authority, Windows Defender will recognize Gamermine bot as being written by an unknown publisher and flag the file as a threat.

Help me get a Code Signing Certificate (CSC)

Any code I write is recognized as being from an unknown publisher and gets flagged as a threat by anti-viruses. I get around this by emailing Microsoft to have them whitelist individual files on Windows Defender. Having a certificate will help me a great deal!


3/14/2021: Microsoft was able to fix the incorrect detection for gamermine-bot.exe, I’ve uploaded the same file to MediaFire and you’ll be able to download it for free.

While Windows Defender should no longer show an error: Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.C!ml, there may be a low threat detected still which you’ll have to correct before the bot is able to run.

I’ve submitted a request to Microsoft in order for the executable to be whitelisted and hope to hear back from them soon. Until this process is completed Windows Defender will continue to flag the executable with a  false positive. Here’s an article on Medium that explains false positives when turning Python files into executables.

I plan on making a video tutorial on how to install Python in the future because as the bots get more complex, we’ll need to tweak the Python code to cater to each individual PC’s specific PATH.

Why Gamermine bot? 🤷🏾‍♂️

The reason why I chose to release Gamermine bot before other more complex ones has primarily to do with the following reasons:

1. Gamermine themes:

Gamermine has 4 unique themes in total.

Unlike any other GPT site I’ve seen so far, Gamermine has spent the time to make their site look pleasing and easily navigable. The rich colors on the Summer theme match brilliantly and remind me oddly of Sea of Thieves.

A pirate holding Bitcoin in Sea of Thieves.

2. Gamermine icon:
The Gamermine icon looks like what I’d imagine a Bitcoin looks like in real life.

Here’s a chest full of Bitcoins.

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