Gamermine ⛏️

What is Gamermine?

Gamermine is a website similar to that supports WAX token and opskins operation points.
It’s a get-paid-to (GPT) site where you can earn cryptocurrency or get paid through PayPal. The website implements Google and Steamworks login API meaning you can sign-up using either your existing Google or Steam account.

Google and Steamworks API login located on bottom of form.

While there are several different ways to earn on the site, we’ll be focusing specifically on simple tasks which we can complete daily with the least amount of effort.

Ways to earn 👨🏽‍🏭

1 Surveys
2 Offer Walls
3 Videos
4 Leaderboard
5 Referrals
6 Rewards
7 GamerWall [Soon!]
8 Engage [Soon!]

Payout Options 💸

  1. PayPal
    Minimum: 500 gold
    Processing Time: Instant
  2. Ethereum
    Minimum: 2,000 gold
    Processing Time: Instant
  3. Bitcoin
    Minimum: 3,000 gold
    Processing Time: Instant

4 BitSkins
5 Litecoin
6 Bitcoin Cash
7 Gift Card
8 Lootbear
9 OPSkins

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