Selenium Python Bindings- Automated Web Testing on Brave with Python

Understand the process of automating a Brave instance with Selenium Python bindings.
Learn how to traverse web pages using DOM navigation.
Learn how to switch through windows and frames when using Selenium with Brave.
Understand the differences between explicit and implicit waits.

Earn Passively By Gaming on Steam

Get Rewarded Daily For Influencing the GamerMine Brand On Steam GamerMine – Earn Money Watching Ads And Playing Games GamerMine is a GPT website with a unique incentive program that rewards you for promoting their website with your Steam account. Apart from GameHag’s daily Steam chest, this is the only other method I know of; from whichContinue reading “Earn Passively By Gaming on Steam”

Gab Auto-like with Pyautogui, and OpenCV 🐍

Twitter’s attempt to shut down QAnon conspiracy theorists has led to a spike in membership at Gab. In an attempt to capitalize on this, I’ve coded an auto-like Python bot with the long-term purpose of increasing traffic to my blog, Passivebot. What is required? Python 3 ChromeDriver – if you haven’t added the location ofContinue reading “Gab Auto-like with Pyautogui, and OpenCV 🐍”