Publish0x: A Cryptoshpere Gem

Launched as a “pre-beta” in December of 2018, Publish0x has since paid out more than $429,646 to its users.

Scale Your Online Income

Are you looking to earn more on the internet this year? The trick is to scale online earnings with web automation. Selenium –a free and open-source web automation tool– is the perfect framework to work with. Selenium can be interfaced with from many programming languages such as C#, PHP, Python, Java, etc. The totality of web automationContinue reading “Scale Your Online Income”

Selenium Python Bindings- Automated Web Testing on Brave with Python

Understand the process of automating a Brave instance with Selenium Python bindings.
Learn how to traverse web pages using DOM navigation.
Learn how to switch through windows and frames when using Selenium with Brave.
Understand the differences between explicit and implicit waits.

South-Eastern Washington’s Near Non-Existent Helium Presence

Calculating Potential HNT Earnings with Pandas, Python, and Wikipedia  The Helium network is a network of Hotspots that transmit and receive radio signals for IoT-connected devices. Hotspots record all transactions on a blockchain and reward owners for providing coverage with HNT, a cryptocurrency token. In general, the more signals a given hotspot receives, the moreContinue reading “South-Eastern Washington’s Near Non-Existent Helium Presence”

Get Robux Today With Microsoft Rewards Bot

Automate Microsoft Rewards And Farm Robux Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets you play, create, and be anything you can imagine. Join millions of players and discover an infinite variety of immersive worlds created by a global community. Robux is the virtual currency used inside of the Roblox universe. Earning Robux with Microsoft RewardsContinue reading “Get Robux Today With Microsoft Rewards Bot”

Helium (HNT) Adventures: Part 1

Starter’s Guide To Helium Mining The Internet of Things is an $800 billion industry, with over 8.4 billion connected devices online, and spending predicted to reach nearly $1.4 trillion by 2021. Helium is attempting to decentralize the IoT industry There are several communications technology existing in this space and mobile carriers/vendors have narrowed onto two standards: NB-IoTContinue reading “Helium (HNT) Adventures: Part 1”

Paid Emails: The Best Ways to Organize Your Google Inbox with Labels

Earn More Online With An Organized Inbox
Paid emails are a great way to earn online but if your inbox isn’t organized properly, it is easy to become overwhelmed and give up on earn from paid emails altogether.
Before automating paid e-mails, it’s important to have your Google inbox labeled correctly.

Earn Passively By Gaming on Steam

Get Rewarded Daily For Influencing the GamerMine Brand On Steam GamerMine – Earn Money Watching Ads And Playing Games GamerMine is a GPT website with a unique incentive program that rewards you for promoting their website with your Steam account. Apart from GameHag’s daily Steam chest, this is the only other method I know of; from whichContinue reading “Earn Passively By Gaming on Steam”

GamerMine’s Attempt At Holiday NFTs.

What is Gamermine? GamerMine is a GPT site that pays you for completing tasks. GamerMine has a low minimum withdrawal amount compared to most other GPT sites. Minimum payouts on GamerMine are: $0.50 in PayPal $2 in ETH $3 in BTC What is this rewards system? This is a brand new rewards system that rewards youContinue reading “GamerMine’s Attempt At Holiday NFTs.”