Are you looking to earn more on the internet?
The trick is to scale online earnings with web automation.

Selenium, a free and open-source web automation tool is the perfect framework to work with.

Selenium can be interfaced from many programming languages such as C#, PHP, Python, Java, etc. We’ll be using Python which is one of the more script-friendly languages. One benefit of using Python for web-automation is that we’ll have access to over 137,000 Python libraries.

These libraries give us access to everything from machine-learning, data visualization, and image recognition to functions as basic, and as important as performing mouse-clicks and keyboard button presses.

Now with the initial goal of earning money, we’ll first look into potential sites we can automate in 2021 and then we’ll code the required Python scripts to perform web-automation to earn a passive income in the form of PayPal credit, gift cards and cryptocurrency

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