GamerMine’s Attempt At Holiday NFTs.

What is Gamermine?

GamerMine is a GPT site that pays you for completing tasks. GamerMine has a low minimum withdrawal amount compared to most other GPT sites. Minimum payouts on GamerMine are:

  1. $0.50 in PayPal
  2. $2 in ETH
  3. $3 in BTC
Withdrawl methods that available on GamerMine.

What is this rewards system?

This is a brand new rewards system that rewards you for visiting GamerMine and claiming your bonus each day on specific holidays throughout the year.

Claim exclusive items each day to boost your earnings.

What do I stand to gain?

You will receive limited edition items in your inventory that can be used to boost your earnings from offer completions. Inventory items never expire, but these only come by once per year. Grab ’em all!

How do I claim all 15 inventory items?

Starting 12:00 AM GMT on April 12th you can claim a new inventory item each day that, when activated, will boost your GamerMine earnings.

Here’s how you can claim all 15 bonuses:

  1. When logging into GamerMine to collect the daily bonus and Steam reward, also visit the Easter rewards page.
  2. Click “Claim” and your bonus will instantly appear in your inventory.
  3. Activate the bonus by selecting it from your inventory.

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