The perfect entry to crypto-mining on your PC or laptop

Running a GEFORCE GTX1080. No overclocking and still made $69. This no joke.
Earn 2x as much for up to $4 using this code on sign-up!

Salad enables you use your computer or laptop’s GPU/CPU to earn rewards. Anyone with access to the internet and suitable hardware can participate in mining. This process involves compiling recent transactions into blocks and trying to solve a computationally difficult puzzle or algorithm.

Salad does away with the complexity involved with mining pools and offer a “plug-and-play” client that processes all the mining on the backend while you’re not using your device.

A 4-step process.


The average earnings on a daily-basis varies on several factors, most importantly on the hardware you run the client on. Needless to say, as the price of Bitcoin increases, earnings will reflect that across the board.

Email sent by in January 2021.

Average earnings were at $45 per month and after the BTC spike, users were earning approximately $18 a week mining on their gaming rigs.

Email sent out by on 02/17/2021


Your balance can then be used select from an assortment of gift cards. As of February 2021, available gift cards and their prices are listed down below. Besides gift cards, Salad has a large collection of indie PC games that you can spend your earnings on and console titles will appear in the store from time to time as well.

Focused mainly around the community of gamers that have idle GPUs to spare, Salad provides enough incentives in their store to attract even novices to crypto-currencies and mining.

Available cards:

Type: Gaming gift cardsPrice:
1 SkinBaron Voucher – 1EUR $1.36
2Discord Nitro Classic $4.99
3 Gamestop Gift Card – $5$5.75
4Kigso Games Gift Card – $5$5.75
5SkinBaron Voucher – 5 EUR $6.57
6 Discord Nitro $9.99
7$10.00 Razer Gift Card $11.00
8PlayStation Store Gift Card – $10 $11.00
9Nintendo eShop Gift Card – $10 $11.00
10Kigso Games Gift Card – $10 $11.00
11Gamestop Gift Card – $10 $11.00
12SkinBaron Voucher – 10 EUR $12.93
13$15 Twitch Gift Card $15.75
14Kigso Games Gift Card – $15 $15.75
15Blizzard Gift Card – $20 $21.00
16Blizzard Gift Card – $50 $52.50
List of available gaming gift cards along with the prices.
Type: Non-gaming gift cardsPrice:
1Amazon Gift Card – $1$1.15
2Amazon Gift Card – $2.50$2.87 Gift Card UNITED STATES 3 USD$4.12
4Ebay Gift Card – $5$5.75
5Amazon Gift Card – $5$5.75
6Disney Gift Card – $5$5.75
7Digital VISA Card – $5$5.75 Gift Card UNITED STATES 5 USD$6.87
9DaddySkins Gift Card DaddySkins Code 5 USD$7.03
10Ebay Gift Card – $10$11.00
11Disney Gift Card – $10$11.00
12Whole Foods Market Gift Card – $10$11.00
13Grubhub Gift Card – $10$11.00
14Digital VISA Card – $10$11.00
15Amazon Gift Card – $10$11.00
16DaddySkins Gift Card DaddySkins Code 10 USD$13.63
17Skype Prepaid Gift Card 10 USD Skype GLOBAL$14.16
18Digital VISA Card – $20$21.00
19Hulu Gift Card – $25$26.25
20Netflix Gift Card 30 USD UNITED STATES$43.60
21Digital Visa Card – $50$52.50
22Hulu Gift Card 50 USD NORTH AMERICA$70.47
23Digital VISA Card – $100$105.00
24EA Access 1 Month Subscription$4.50
List of available non-gaming gift cards along with the prices.

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